By Augustine Dickinson

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Finding good, reliable, quality sources of information about Ethiopia and Eritrea is difficult. We want to change that.

Anyone who has ever wondered, "What is an Ethiopian Orthodox liturgy like?", "How does the Ethiopian calendar work?", "Who is Tekle Haymanot?", or even just, "How do you read the letters?", will know that finding the answers to these questions often is not easy, and, when you find answers, they are not always from reliable sources. If you find answers but want to learn even more, where do you go after that? Myself and some of my colleagues have noticed that this is a common issue in Ethiopian Studies and we are committed to helping change that.

Soon you will begin notice posts becoming available to read here on our blog. When we launch the main site, which will hopefully be soon, you will find more informative articles on various topics related to the culture, religion, and history of Ethiopia and Eritrea, written and vetted by scholars in the field and held to a certain standard of quality. Furthermore, each article will provide useful bibliography for conducting further research beyond what is given in the article.

We have already launched an early version of Asmāt, our database of magico-religious texts and manuscripts, so be sure to check it out!

We are very excited to be working on this project and we hope that you are excited too! Do you have some ideas you want to share with us? Are you interested in writing a blog post for us? Are you a scholar and are interested in (co-)contributing articles or other content? Then please get in touch with us! Our goal is to be totally open, accessible, and collaborative in everything that we do and to use the best tools for the job. We want everyone to benefit from this, not only a select few.

Keep your eyes open for updates! You can check here, on our blog, on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter.

Augustine Dickinson is a doctoral student at Universität Hamburg. He holds an MA in Medieval Studies from the Univ. of Toronto and an MA in Classical Studies and a BA in Medieval Studies, both from the Univ. of Waterloo.